What episode does seth and summer start dating

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C.," where the lives of a group of friends and families have forever been changed by the arrival of an outsider to their affluent oceanside community of Newport Beach in Orange County, California.

When Ryan Atwood was taken in from the streets of Chino by then public defender Sandy Cohen and his wife, Kirsten, the Cohens had no idea how Ryan's arrival would change their lives and the lives of those around them.

In a show packed with trophy wives and messy divorces, Kandy singlehandedly made us believe in marriage.

Okay, they had their rough patches (let's all just agree to forget that most of season two's cheating storyline ever happened), but they worked through them together, with so much mutual love and trust and respect.

I also have some strong crush-y feelings for angry Ryan. It's understandable that she was scarred by the assault, but the thing that's really bothering her is that she shot Trey (MMM WHAT YA SAYYY), and she can't deal with having to explain it on her admissions essay.

Unfortunately for Summer, Taylor the Terror is also thinking of going to Brown, and is gleefully rubbing Summer's nose in it.

Ryan is thrust into the glamorous world of Orange County, and into the lives of the Cohens and their neighbors.

There's Kirsten Cohen, Sandy's kind, but slightly guarded wife; nerdy and isolated Seth Cohen, their son; Marissa Cooper, their beautiful but troubled neighbor; Julie Cooper, Marissa's scheming mother; and Summer Roberts, Marissa's best friend.

is the story of Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie), a troubled teenager from Chino, and The Cohens, the family who takes him in.

(Mc Kenzie and Baccarin attended the Emmy Awards together on Sunday night.)What does Marissa Cooper think about all this news?

We imagine she rolled over slightly on her chaise lounge at an Ibiza hotel, grunting, “Who are Seth and Ryan again? She probably has stalked Seth’s wife on Instagram so many times that it’s the first URL that auto-fills when she types i-n-s-t in her browser, but we also think she’s very happy for Seth, and already has a slew of baby gifts ready to roll out the door.

Yes, Seth and Blair Waldorf (Brody and wife Leighton Meester) welcomed their first child last week, per . TMZ reports that Baccarin is going to be appearing in court today—as part of her divorce case with estranged husband Austin Chick—where she will be making the revelation that she is pregnant with Mc Kenzie’s child.

She is looking for joint custody of her one-year-old son with Chick, though she is asking for him to move to New York, where she films .

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